Apps for Signing Contracts – New Technology to Test

Today alone I received calls from folks in half a dozen States. Typically we get an email address and send them a .word and .pdf of their contract. Our clients can sign them and return them to us via fax, email, or snail mail. This usually works, but sometimes time is of the essence. Many of our professional driver clients have smartphones, but we’ve typically faxed them contracts at truck stops.

We are experimenting with e-signing for our Arkansas Traffic Ticket Clinic. E-signing will require the client to download an application, but for iPhones we are presently testing a free app called SignEasy.* For Android, this application is available, but we are testing a different free application called DocuSign .*

I suppose I’ll figure out which works better and recommend that one. We are committed to being as paperless as possible, provided that extensive efforts are made to protect client confidentiality. At Bowman Lewis Law, we embrace technology. Time not spent in administrative duties is time spend defending clients.


Seth L. Bowman

* I am not recommending either of these applications at this time. I need to ensure they are secure enough and work well enough. I’ll update after testing.