New Associate Attorney

We’ve been staying awful busy lately. That is fine, but I don’t want to get to where I don’t have enough time to do the extras that make you a zealous advocate. It is a constant balance act. We want to charge reasonable rates, yet we want to be able to run our own investigations. Simultaneously, we are always in court. Keeping this balance is essential.

We are happy to have recently hired a new attorney. His name is Matthew Ford. He has a good bit of experience in federal law and brings strong research and writing skills to the table. He will help us offer a bit of an expanded menu of services available as his practice includes civil rights complaints and employment discrimination lawsuits. We are still primarily a criminal law firm; however, so every one must gain experience there. Mr. Ford starts right out of the gate receiving training in our traffic ticket practice as well as misdemeanors so that he can gain court experience. At our firm, court experience happens immediately, and not everyone wants that or can handle that.

I would like to be able to do to misdemeanors what we have been able to do to traffic tickets. Prior to launching our statewide clinic, prices were much higher than they are today. It was also difficult to locate the proper firm to handle these cases. We will continue to use technology, our skills, and our dedication to streamline the experience of hiring an effective attorney. There remain many innovations that need to occur in the sometimes antiquated legal field, and over here, we look forward to doing what we can.