Translating Courtroom Pictures…

Arkansas Criminal Defense Attorney

I guarantee that when you, I, and Fox News look at this, we all three see different things. Using my magic criminal defense attorney divining rod I can actually tell what is going on though, here’s how it begins:

Gucci: “Oh shit. Everything about this process is totally foreign to me. Even my wonder bread attorney is concerned by the fact that we have 12 representatives of the Caucasian race on this particularly jury of my peers. Why am I getting this special treatment with all these cameras poking at me? Why are all these people asking me the stupidest questions imaginable? Other people aren’t getting this special treatment. WTF. Isn’t this hard enough? I’m freaking out. Here’s where I say silly stuff because nervous….”

Last week I was talking to an attorney that did hundreds of depositions in his life. He was on the receiving end for the first time and admitted he was shaking nervous. Maybe folks should hire him because at least he doesn’t lie about everything.

It is never, ever easy. I go all around the State entering vastly different courts, and I still get thrown curve balls that make simple things not. When you are in the crosshairs of justice, don’t relax. Don’t pretend like you can. But please don’t yell out dumb things like Gucci Mane if you are my client (even though I want to do the same things sometimes.)