Myths and Truths About Police Procedure

If you read me before you already know that I established that The Wire from HBO is awesome.  In this show it was depicted that minors were tasked with certain aspects of the drug trade that were high risk.  The basic idea is that juvenile records are treated differently than adults, and they could often receive far less punishment.  A fair amount of politics would go into such a decision, even if it is not the sort of thing folks think of when they think of politics.  In many ways, it probably isn’t that different.  So here’s how it goes…. kids were recruited young and, undoubtedly, enticed by promises of future benefits and incentives one cannot understand without a greater that topical understanding of the community involved.

I cannot say I have ever seen juveniles used like this on an organized level in my professional experience in the communities of Arkansas.  I have seen parents attend to blame shoplifting on their children (not my clients, for confidentiality purposes I state this), but I’ve never seen anything organized involving children.

One of the awesome things about my job is that I have to learn about what people do to build a complex defense.  So if I am defending a law enforcement official, contractor, doctor, politician, or you name it – just anyone else with some unique knowledge I may have to learn about it to do the case right.  Part of my job also involves street research.   The things people falsely (and truthfully) believe about how to engage in illegal activities are interesting.  I am going to point out a few myths and a few truths.  Feel free to request opinions on things you’ve heard.  If you want me to talk fast, I don’t know, pay me or something?  =)

DISCLAIMER:  Some areas of the law are incredibly specific, and you can’t give a yes or no answer without knowing 20 other things – and even then it is sometimes a maybe. I’ve gone into many hearings thinking the outcome is a 50/50 – you just have to do your best to get the edge.  Also, this is neither a substitute for nor legal advice, this is just some neat stuff I learned doing my job.  I like learning about yours as well.



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