About Bowman Lewis

Keep in mind some of the articles here were written by other attorneys, Bowman Lewis is run by Seth Bowman and Nathan Lewis.  If you want to speak with another author, please check their contact information in their article or on the guest poster page.


www.lrattorney.com is the main page for Bowman Lewis Law.

It’s pretty simple to hire us.  You can call (888) 674-5327 and speak with one of the attorneys.  Our non-attorney staff members do not perform intakes.  You will be taken care of by a licensed professional. After-hours non-emergency contacts or non-English speakers please email [email protected]  You will receive a prompt return call (with a translator, if needed.)

If we do not think you are a good match for our firm or we do not think we can help you – we will tell you that immediately.  Our reputation and honesty are two keys to our success. We take the vast majority of cases on a flat fee or a contingency fee. We rarely believe in hourly billing.

If there is a technological feature our firm does not offer, then we want to know so we can add it.  Our online capabilities are robust – you can submit a payment online, fully communicate with us online, receive and share secure documents online, and hopefully achieve piece of mind after we have helped you. We are happy to let you know that we have served clients that come from every Continent other than Antarctica. (If you are reading this from Antartica, please hire me for something!)  We are accustomed to providing criminal defense and business litigation assistance to both local and international clients. None of this makes us stray from our Arkansas values, and we think it gives us more to offer to our clients.

You won’t ever get a guarantee of this result or that result from us. We can only guarantee that if we accept your case, then we will fight for your rights. We fight hard, and we don’t like to lose.

Our first conversations are always free.  Cal (888) 674-5327 or email [email protected]